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December 9, 2018No sermon recorded. Church canceled due to weather.
December 2, 2018Scripture Reference: Psalm 23"The Triune God is the Shepherd of Israel." Marty Schoenleber
November 25, 2018Scripture Reference: John 3:14, John 12:32"The Glorious Cross." Ron Ayers
November 18, 2018Scripture Reference: Matthew 28:16-20"Following the Recipe." Marty Schoenleber
November 11, 2018Scripture Reference: Matthew 16:21-28" What is Jesus' Recipe for Growth." Marty Schoenleber
November 4, 2018Scripture Reference: Matthew 16:13-20" Growing A Passion For The Church." Marty Schoenleber
October 28, 2018Scripture Reference: Matthew 15-16"Confessing Our Sin, Receiving Forgiveness, and Amending Our Behavior."Marty Schoenleber
October 21, 2018Scripture Reference: Matthew 16:1-2"What Does Jesus Want Us To Know About The Pharisees."Marty Schoenleber
October 14, 2018Scripture Reference: Matthew 15:29-39"His Compassions They Fail Not."Marty Schoenleber
October 7, 2018Scripture Reference: Matthew 15:21-28"Ask Yourself "Why?"Marty Schoenleber
September 30, 2018Scripture Reference: Matthew 15:1-20"Your Mouth Reveals Your Soul."Marty Schoenleber
September 23, 2018Scripture Reference: Matthew 14:22-36"What Does It Look Like To Come To Jesus."Marty Schoenleber
September 16, 2018No recording of the message.Bring Them To Me.Marty Schoenleber
September 2, 2018Scripture Reference: Overview of Matthew Chapters 1-13Seeking The Kingdom.Marty Schoenleber
August 26, 2018Scripture Reference: 2 Samuel 11Home-Groups Are Designed to be a Spiritual Covering.Joe Payne
August 19, 2018Scripture Reference: variousHome-Groups Are Designed to be a "Side Door" for the Church Family.Marty Schoenleber
August 12, 2018Hebrews 10:19-25, Galatians 6:1-5Home-Groups Help A Growing Church Stay Connected And Are Our First Line Of Spiritual And Emotional Care.Marty Schoenleber
August 5, 20181 John 4:7-12Beloved, Love.Brett Lonadier
July 29, 2018Matthew 6:25-34, Mark 14:22-28Living Passionately For and Like Jesus.Marty Schoenleber
July 22, 2018The Sermon was not recorded.
July 15, 2018Acts 4:1-31; John 14:1-6A Passion for the Gospel.Marty Schoenleber
July 8, 2018Matthew 22:35-40; Matthew 25:40; 1 John 4:16-21A Passion for People.Joe Payne
July 1, 20182 Chronicles 20A Passion for Prayer and Worship.Marty Schoenleber
June 24, 20182 Timothy 4:1-8I Have Fought The Good Fight.Marty Schoenleber
June 17, 2018Psalm 19A Passion for the Word of God.Marty Schoenleber
June 10, 2018Psalm 37:1-9A Passion for God Himself - Delighting Yourself in God.Marty Schoenleber
June 3, 2018Matthew 13:53-58Tragedy At Home.Marty Schoenleber
May 27, 2018Matthew 13:51-52New and Old Treasures.Marty Schoenleber
May 20, 2018Matthew 13:47-50The Parable of the Dragnet.Marty Schoenleber
May 13, 2018Matthew 13:44-46The Parable of the Treasure and the Pearl.Marty Schoenleber
May 6, 2018Matthew 13:33-35The Parable of the Leaven.Marty Schoenleber
April 29, 2018Matthew 13:30-32The Parable of the Mustard SeedMarty Schoenleber
April 22, 2018Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares.Marty Schoenleber
April 15, 2018Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23The Parable of the Four Soils: Fruit Bearing in the Kingdom of God.Marty Schoenleber
April 8, 2018Matthew 13:9-18 Purpose of the Parables: Developing Ears to Hear.Marty Schoenleber
April 1, 2018John 20:1-18EasterSunday - Looking for the Fruit of Faith.Marty Schoenleber
March 26, 2018Mark 11:1-11Palm Sunday - Looking for the Fruit of Faith.Marty Schoenleber
March 18, 2018Matthew 26:55-56, 69-75, Mark 14:50, Luke 22:54-62Then All His Disciples Left him and Fled.Marty Schoenleber
March 11, 2018Matthew 26:47-56The Lord's Plan Prevails: Arrest of JesusBrett Lonadier
March 4, 2018Matthew 26:36-46, Mark 14:32-42, Luke 22:39-46It Pleased The Father To Crush Him.Pastor Marty
February 25, 2018Matthew 12:46-50How Do I Join the Family of God?Pastor Marty
February 18, 2018Matthew 12:38-45How Does A Culture Show It's Evil?Pastor Marty
February 11, 2018Matthew 12:1-37Why Did Jesus Heal People?Pastor Marty
February 4, 2018No sermon available due to technical difficulties.Pastor Marty
January 28, 2018No sermon available due to technical difficulties.Pastor Marty
January 21, 2018No sermon available due to technical difficulties.Pastor Marty
January 14, 2018Psalm 1:6-9Learning to Ponder and Brood Over the WordPastor Marty
January 7, 2018Deut 17:18-20The Art of Biblical MeditationPastor Marty
December, 31 2017Psalm 119:9-11Ending at the BeginningPastor Marty
December, 24 2017Luke 2:22-35Simeon's Song - The God Who Grants Peace is Worthy of Praise (PEACE)Pastor Marty
December, 23 2017Matthew 2:1-12 and Luke 2:8-20The Star ArrivesPastor Marty
December, 17 2017Luke 2:1-20The Angel's Song - The God Who Announces Joy is Worthy of Praise (JOY)Pastor Marty
December, 10 2017Luke 1:57-80Zechariah's Song - The God Who Expands Our Love is Worthy of Praise (LOVE)Pastor Marty
December, 3 2017Luke 1:39-56Mary's Song - The God Who Fulfills Promises is Worthy of Praise (HOPE)Pastor Marty
November, 26 2017Matthew 12:1-21To Follow His ExamplePastor Marty
November, 19 2017Matthew 11:20-30Responding to Jesus: Rejection or ReceptionBrett Lonadier
November, 12 2017Matthew 11:1-19Following in the Shadow of ChallengeBen Long
November, 5 2017Matthew 10:24-42Become Like JesusPastor Marty
October 29, 2017Matthew 10:1-23Leading by FollowingBen Long
October 22, 2017Psalm 127Developing Worshipers in the HomePastor Marty
October 15, 2017Matthew 10:18-38Why Did He Do What He did?Pastor Marty
October 8, 2017Matthew 9:9-17Learning While FollowingPastor Marty
October 1, 2017Matthew 9:1-8Drama In Jesus Home TownPastor Marty
September 24, 2017Matthew 8:28-34Answers to PrayerPastor Marty
September 17, 2017Matthew 8:18-27How much will it Cost to Have a Significant LifePastor Marty
September 10, 2017Matthew 8:1-17Why He HealsPastor Marty
September 3, 2017Matthew 1-7The Messiah Has ComePastor Marty
August 27, 2017Psalm 133:1-3The Relational Longing of the WorshiperPastor Marty
August 20, 2017Psalm 131:1-3Worshipping God with Childlike TrustPastor Marty
August 13, 2017Psalm 23:1-6Because I Belong To HimBen Long
August 6, 2017Psalm 127:1-5Developing Worshiper in the HomeIntern Eli Savill
July 30, 2017James 1:21-25Be Doers of the WordPastor Brett
July 23, 2017Psalm 15:1-5Becoming a Better Worshipper of GodPastor Marty
July 16, 2017Matthew 5:43-48Sermon On The MountPastor Marty
July 9, 2017Matthew 7:15-29Need to getIntern Eli Savill
July 2, 2017Matthew 7:1-14Being a Jesus Person Every DayPastor Marty